Miró on show in Mallorca
Joan Miró exhibition

Miró on show in Mallorca

An exhibition of 33 original works by Joan Miró—accompanied by creative dining—is set to enhance Belmond La Residencia’s reputation as a showcase of the arts.

Vibrant, poetic and a joyful celebration of life—the works of artist Joan Miró reflect the spirit of Mallorca, where many of them were created. The artist’s studio in the island’s capital, Palma, has long been a magnet for the master’s devotees. But now another must-see venue has emerged—Belmond La Residencia in Deià, the artists’ village on the island’s northwest coast.

Joan Miró

Archipel sauvage V, 1970

Following on from last year’s hugely successful exhibition of Miró engravings, this September sees the launch of a new show featuring 33 original Miró works. All are on private loan from the artist’s family and represent the largest exhibition of original pieces by the artist on display in a hotel.

The show includes such magical works as the lithograph Paysanne aux oiseaux, 1990 (above) and the etching and aquatint Archipel sauvage V, 1970 (right). Says Belmond La Residencia’s resident sculptor, Juan Waelder, who knew the artist personally: “Joan Miró illuminated the world of art, and the spirit of millions of people who, through his works, discovered different worlds that they had sometimes dreamed of. As an artist, he was immense, and as a person, he was the grandfather that everyone would love to have had.”

Miró Menu at El Olivo

To celebrate the exhibition, Belmond La Residencia’s Executive Chef, Guillermo Méndez, has created the Miró Menu for El Olivo restaurant. This culinary adventure is inspired by the artist’s appreciation of local produce as expressed in his writings and from information provided by his family.

Reflecting Miró’s comment “I work like a market gardener,” the menu features some of Mallorca’s finest delicacies, arranged to display their intense hues. Says Méndez: “Miró loved simple, fresh, Mediterranean food and the menu contains vegetables and fruit from our orchard such as ramallet tomatoes, local fish and meat, and country bread. It is directly inspired by Miró’s paintings, in all their colour and apparent disarray, but with a definite underlying meaning.”

Dishes such as Tramuntana mountain lamb with crispy carob and rosemary bread recall Miró’s habit of keeping a carob bean in his pocket to remind him never to lose touch with his roots. Lemon sorbet with virgin olive oil, rose salt petals and green apple combines ingredients sourced from the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Méndez notes: “The artist always kept his feet firmly on solid ground and maintained close contact with everyday life, those who toiled to make a living and the natural world.”

Tea with Miró

Café Miró

Café Miró

To accompany the exhibition, Waelder is collaborating with the Miró family to create a limited edition Tea with Miró porcelain service exclusive to the hotel’s Café Miró, where the 33 works will be displayed. In addition, Méndez has created a special afternoon tea featuring artistic pastries inspired by the works.

Belmond La Residencia sits in beautiful grounds that include a Sculpture Garden with Miró’s impressive bronze, Tête. Guests can enjoy a fully immersive art experience, blending many different elements, to truly step inside Miró’s world.

The new Miró exhibition at Belmond La Residencia’s Café Miro runs from 8 September until the end of 2017 and is open to non-resident guests. The Miró Menu is available until 30 September.