Living a Story

Living a Story

Embrace the spirit of adventure this year and journey through Botswana with acclaimed author Alexander McCall Smith. Over six days you’ll be given a rare insight into the land that captured his heart and continues to fire his imagination.

The ground pulses beneath the wheels as you drive across Chobe National Park—a diverse savannah given character by the mix of rocky outcrops and the ebbing of the unpredictable Savute Channel. See the gold light of dawn as it gilds the Okavango Delta, an inspiring oasis of life in the centre of the Kalahari Desert. See the world stretch out beyond the unending lush plains of the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, with giraffe making a slow procession along the horizon.

Alexander McCall Smith

There is no doubt that Botswana is one of the world’s last unspoilt wildernesses. Unexpected encounters with nature can be found at every turn, and a rugged, breathless romance is carried in the air itself.

It’s an especially magical destination for Alexander McCall Smith. The beloved author has an impressive bibliography, spanning fiction, anthologies, academic texts and children’s novels. Many of his works are set in Botswana, including his most famous series The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. The 16 novels follow Mma Precious Ramotswe, who solves mysteries from her agency in Gaborone, the country’s capital. The author’s love for the country flows through his writing.

This November, Belmond Safaris have scheduled their third exclusive journey with McCall Smith. Titled ‘Journey to the Heart of Africa’, this unmissable itinerary is spread over six days and lets you experience all three of our unique safari lodges. Beginning at Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge in Chobe National Park, you’ll continue to Belmond Khwai River Lodge in Moremi Wildlife Reserve before finishing at the newly refurbished  Belmond Eagle Island Lodge in the Okavango Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you’ll get the rare opportunity to explore the area from a bird’s-eye perspective with a special helicopter safari.

All the while you’ll accompany the author, who will share his memories, impressions and stories of this wonderful land. “I am delighted to be accompanying readers of the books on another African safari,” explains the author. “The previous safaris that we have undertaken at these marvellous safari lodges have given readers from all over the world an opportunity to meet one another in Mma Ramotswe’s own country. Friendships have been formed and adventures have been experienced that have given me and my accompanying readers the greatest possible pleasure.”

Alexander McCall Smith found his muse in Botswana; so could you. Book this journey today, or browse through our selection of safari offers, and let it be the first chapter in your next big story.

by Daniel Hayden